How I SPF: Featuring Designer & Founder Susan Korn

How I SPF: Featuring Designer & Founder Susan Korn

This spring, we’re shining a spotlight on five inspiring individuals who live their brightest lives with joy, passion and a healthy dose of SPF.

In this article, we sat down with Susan Korn, the designer and founder of Susan Alexandra, to learn more about her relationship with sunscreen and how it enables her to think creatively and make her mark in the world of fashion.

Tell us about yourself! 

My name is Susan Korn and I am the NYC-based founder of Susan Alexandra. I’m passionate about creating dazzle — whether it’s a signature beaded bag, intricate jewelry or a drinking glass!

What is your ideal morning routine? 

I wake up and it’s a paramount that I don’t rush the morning process. I make coffee and I get back into bed with my dog. Then I sort of plan out the rest of my day. I’ll go to the gym and work on some solo projects, which are usually more introspective and creative. I try to head to the office or the store to see the team. And I love to cook so there’s always something that I’m making, that’s a really special part of my day. 

What role does sunscreen play in your life? 

I am always wanting to look my best, and sunscreen gives me the confidence to do my best job. Being free and active is so important to me. I live in NYC, a city where you’re constantly on the go and running around. When I wear my protective layer of Unitay Pro! sunscreen, I feel like I’m protected and free. And I’m always seeking a patch of sun!

How do you incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine?

It’s a highlight in my morning routine! I splash water on my face, apply moisturizer and then Glowscreen SPF 40 for a light shimmery protective glow.

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