The Unitary brand story began in 2014 and is based in France. Our founder Sophie, a PhD in marine bioscience with a passion for extreme sports, noticed a lack of truly safe and reliable sunscreen skincare products on the market at the time. As a young person who loves nature and cares about the environment, she decided to develop a highly effective, eco-friendly and natural sunscreen skincare brand herself. In our products, we use non-toxic and all-natural ingredients without the addition of micro-nano zinc oxide. This makes our products safer, more reliable and completely harmless to the ocean. Our brand statement is "Sun Protect for the world" and we want to be a trusted brand in everyone's heart.

100% Ocean Friendly

Unitary's new sunscreen technology is a sea-friendly formulation that combines a high SPF of SPF50+ · PA++++ with additional Marine protection without the addition of Oxybenzone and Micro-nano zinc oxide. Combine high SPF with Marine protection. Use newly developed sun protection technology to reduce damage to the ocean. The new product also aims for effective sun protection. Although the power of one person may be very small, Unitary contributions to environmental protection are ongoing. Together, we will launch an environmental initiative to make sunscreen perfect, while actively protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development.

For All Skin Type

Our brand statement is ‘Sunscreen For All Skins’ and we want to be a trusted brand in everyone's heart.Now Unitary is launching a sunscreen family collection with 7 sunscreen products for different scenarios. The main four sunscreens for different skin types, provide profession sunscreen, all-in-one skin solutions for different skin types.

Expert In SPF

DSM's PARSOL® EHT (INCI: Ethylhexyl Triazone), with the highest UV-B absorbance in the market, is a very effective UV-B filter. It is an oil-soluble white to off-white powder that needs to be completely dissolved in the formulation. PARSOL® EHT is photostable and compatible with other sunscreens on the market. Even at lower concentrations, PARSOL® EHT easily boosts SPF value. At the same time, it also has excellent ecological properties, which is very suitable for the development of high ecological level sunscreen formulations (DSM Sunscreen Simulator 2.0 Ecological Edition can support the assessment of ecological level)

Original From France

The story of the Unitary brand was launched in 2014 by Sophie, a leading French Marine biologist whose research is focused on Marine conservation and sustainability. At that time, Sophie noticed that there was a lack of truly safe and reliable sunscreen skin care products on the market. As a young person who loves nature and is concerned about environmental protection, she realized that many ingredients have certain harm to the environment and health, so she decided to develop an efficient, environmentally friendly and natural sunscreen skin care brand.



We know the biggest barrier to making SPF a daily habit is finding a formula you love.That’s why we have 4 options for all skin types, tones and routines.We’ve even got afun quizthat connects you with your perfect SPF. Try one or two (or five!), and before you know it, you’ll be as SPF as we are.

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